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“Shine Like the Star You Are”


We’re All in It Together

Children are IT. Our Youth is IT. Families are IT. It is time to work together to help bring love and light to those we love through empowerment. Through coaching, workshops, conferences, and more there is commitment for change as “We are all in it together”

Mission Statement

To empower children, parents, families and the community at large. Children are the number #1 investment in the world. Let’s find a way to work together to further their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Let’s work together to empower mothers and fathers and family members to extraordinary. Happiness, joy, and love to be spread through collaboratively working together through empowerment.



Through child, parent, family coaching the cycle of stress and difficulties can change. Coaching allows a safe harbor for all populations to be empowered and strive for their best through the concept of “Love and Light.”

Educational Support/Tutoring

Children often struggle in their school setting. Through various teaching strategies and modalities as well as group tutoring sessions, kids can feel empowered in “Love and Light” in their schooling career.


Parenting workshops in addition to Parent Coaching is offered.

Seminars can be brought to your setting for daycare settings, school settings, and even businesses to provide models of behavior management to work in “Love and Light”

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Blog Posts

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    There are so many Oh my Gosh /Oh my God moments in parenting.. Don’t you think? Don’t you wonder??? Well.. my latest fascination is with sibling rivalry. Probably because I don’t know what it is being an only child. The grunting.. the growling.. the crying… all of those BIG FEELINGS in such a short momentContinue reading “OMG.. Sibling rivalry!!!!!”
  • Quick Parent Self-Care Sheet during COVID-19 Crisis
    Quick Tip Sheet for Parental Self-Care in COVID-19 Crisis                                          Created by Arti Kumar-Jain, M.Ed, NCC, CYPFC, CHC, CPC Take “Mindful Moment Breaks” (get up and move around from screen) Take deep cleansing breaths Stretch your arms, legs, and whole body Read something engaging to you (Read to your child and have a D.E.A.R.: Drop EverythingContinue reading “Quick Parent Self-Care Sheet during COVID-19 Crisis”


“History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children” ~Nelson Mandela

“It is easier to build strong children than repair broken adults” ~F Douglas

“There are no Seven Wonders of the World in the Eyes of a Child. There are seven million” ~Walt Streightiff