Love & Light 4 Kidz LLC

“Shine Like the Star You Are”

The Parenting Journey

Oprah commented years ago that parenting is the hardest job out there… and honestly isn’t she right? Many often say they don’t come with a manual ..or a way to know exactly what to do…

Your children tear out your heart strings in so many ways and you often don’t know what and how to do it. Then often times we don’t discuss parenting because there is shame associates with not doing it “correctly.” Whatever that means right?

They are their own beings and they are remarkable if we embrace their idiosyncrasies and bring out their best selves. I am here to hold your hand along the parenting journey and empower you and your family

With love and light,


Published by loveandlight4kidzllc

As the Founding Director of Love & Light 4 Kidz LLC, I find the mission to be simple. Empower our children, youth, and families to be healthy in all facets/spheres of life. I am here to hold your hand through the process of parenting, educational support, and all of the facets of these precious years.

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