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“Shine Like the Star You Are”

Power of love

So in the month of February a large focus on the heart.. heart health … compassion.. love and all the feel good categories related to the color red.

February month is not just romantic love but love in general .. I dare Andencourage you to focus on that.. how do you share love? Universal love? Do you know your love language? If not look up Gary Chapman’s awesome The Five Love Languages..

Love doesn’t have to just be put in set categories.. it is a beast of it’s own and deserves to be put that way .. a league and category of it’s own

Love on yourself by treating yourself with love… treat those around you with love and the guiding principles of universal love prevail… if you got some spiritual love then pay it forward to God almighty and those heavenly angels

With love and light always — A

Published by loveandlight4kidzllc

As the Founding Director of Love & Light 4 Kidz LLC, I find the mission to be simple. Empower our children, youth, and families to be healthy in all facets/spheres of life. I am here to hold your hand through the process of parenting, educational support, and all of the facets of these precious years.

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