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OMG.. Sibling rivalry!!!!!

There are so many Oh my Gosh /Oh my God moments in parenting.. Don’t you think? Don’t you wonder??? Well.. my latest fascination is with sibling rivalry. Probably because I don’t know what it is being an only child. The grunting.. the growling.. the crying… all of those BIG FEELINGS in such a short momentContinue reading “OMG.. Sibling rivalry!!!!!”

Quick Parent Self-Care Sheet during COVID-19 Crisis

Quick Tip Sheet for Parental Self-Care in COVID-19 Crisis                                          Created by Arti Kumar-Jain, M.Ed, NCC, CYPFC, CHC, CPC Take “Mindful Moment Breaks” (get up and move around from screen) Take deep cleansing breaths Stretch your arms, legs, and whole body Read something engaging to you (Read to your child and have a D.E.A.R.: Drop EverythingContinue reading “Quick Parent Self-Care Sheet during COVID-19 Crisis”

Teaching kids hygiene

So in the current situation in the world we have to equip our kids even more so on how to wash their hands, keep clean and do best universal precautions… here are some awesome posters you can print for free from a great website and discuss and review with your kids 🙂

Doing the best you can..

Most often everyone feels tired and rugged and tired… but know this and ask this “Are you doing the best you can?” “Are you doing too much?” These are questions to pay attention to when looking at your body and your overall functioning. How do you feel? I dare and encourage you to be honestContinue reading “Doing the best you can..”

Definition of a great momma… what is it to you?

So.. we are always defining things and trying to compartmentalize things and make them for. Like perfect wrapping for Christmas presents. Don’t let me wrap your presents! So mommas often compare themselves or are compared to others.. the feeling of not doing enough .. being enough.. where does it come from ? Societal norms… WomenContinue reading “Definition of a great momma… what is it to you?”

And sometimes it’s okay to say you are just okay

You are given permission to say you are not good when you are not good and just the feelings you are. I dare you to .. I encourage you to tell the person behind the register that you are whatever feeling you are and not “good.” Use good if you are.. You are given permissionContinue reading “And sometimes it’s okay to say you are just okay”