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Quick Parent Self-Care Sheet during COVID-19 Crisis

Quick Tip Sheet for Parental Self-Care in COVID-19 Crisis     

                                    Created by Arti Kumar-Jain, M.Ed, NCC, CYPFC, CHC, CPC

  • Take “Mindful Moment Breaks” (get up and move around from screen)
  • Take deep cleansing breaths
  • Stretch your arms, legs, and whole body
  • Read something engaging to you (Read to your child and have a D.E.A.R.: Drop Everything and Read Time in Your House
  • Take a power nap; rest your eyes (from the screen)
  • Open the windows; go for a quick walk 
  • Eat a nutritious snack. (piece of fruit, handful of nuts, homemade juice, smoothie to sip on)
  • Build into your calendar Playtime with your child/family
  • Schedule free time for yourself (even 5-minute intervals
  • Make a list of the things you wish to do (a Wish List)
  • Connect with someone that pops into your head (choose a medium that works for you- phone, text, etc.)
  • Light a candle and take a shower/bath at end of evening
  • Allocate chores/responsibilities to others or save for another day
  • Tell the family you need a break when you notice your feelings (becoming escalated)
  • Be kind, patient, and loving to yourself! Do right by you—to give yourself to your family 
  • Watch or listen to a podcast; quick YouTube video that makes you laugh and brings you joy 
  • Be kind, patient, and loving to yourself! Do right by you—to give yourself to your family

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As the Founding Director of Love & Light 4 Kidz LLC, I find the mission to be simple. Empower our children, youth, and families to be healthy in all facets/spheres of life. I am here to hold your hand through the process of parenting, educational support, and all of the facets of these precious years.

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